4 Reasons We Hate Gum Disease

Do you find you have a persistent case of bad breath even though you diligently brush your teeth? Or maybe your gums bleed whenever you brush or floss and this worries you…

Believing that “your body will tell you when something is wrong” can cause detrimental effects to our health more than we realise.

Gum disease is an insidiously sneaky disease that often come without warning, so you may not even know you have it until it’s gotten worse and you start feeling its symptoms.

Gingivitis, a not-so-insidious form of gum disease, is often only detected by a trained dentist or hygienist because they have the tools to do so and they know what to look out for.
Periodontitis, the more advanced stage, is when the gum disease has spread inside your mouth which causes symptoms like

  • Red and swollen gums
  • Sore gums
  • Incessant bad breath
  • Loose teeth
  • Bleeding gums when brushing or flossing

Now if you need more convincing as to why it’s not good to ignore bleeding or sore gums, read below!

#1 Gum Disease Does Not Go Away on Its Own!

Infection in your gums, which causes the bleeding amongst other things, does not get better on its own regardless of the amount of brushing or flossing we do. In fact, some people hold back on brushing and flossing when they see their gums bleed – which actually makes the situation worse.

Only dentists can do a deep clean to resolve this problem. They clean below the gum line to remove the plaque and tartar that have built up in the grooves between the teeth and gums over time.

#2 Gum Disease Can Lead to Losing Your Teeth!

When gingivitis is left untreated, it turns into periodontal disease, which is bad. Real bad. The gums recede so much due to the infection and inflammation attacking the tissues that hold the tooth to the jawbone. Voila, the tooth is loose and it can possibly fall out if left untreated. Dang it gum disease!

#3 Gum Disease Causes Other Health Issues

Gum Disease is closely linked to premature birth, heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic health problems. Research found that treating gum disease can lead to better health – as evidenced by lower healthcare costs and fewer hospitalizations. The link between gum disease and chronic health condition is inflammation, the body’s natural response to and infection. When you have gum disease, your gums are inflamed, and if this inflammation is left untreated, inflammatory substances build up in the blood which seems to worsen heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic conditions. Getting the gum disease under control may reduce that harmful response throughout the body.

#4 We can help you kick gum disease in the butt!

Our friendly dentists are able to help you treat gum disease by doing the most thorough clean you’ve ever had! We do this by cleaning the teeth well below the gum lines, to deeply scrape away the hardened plaque that no amount of brushing or flossing can get rid of. This procedure is known as scaling and root planing where we use manual scalers and ultrasonic devices, and as you can imagine, this procedure is quite invasive hence we use anaesthetic to make it as comfortable for you as possible.

As we always advise all our patients, brush twice a day and floss every day to keep your gums nice and healthy. Lookout for these signs of gum disease, especially if you are pregnant or have a history of heart disease, type 2 diabetes or stroke. Seek treatment immediately. Call us on (03) 9786 2144 to book a consultation appointment if you are worried that you might have gum disease. More often than not, bleeding gums may just mean you are due for a clean!

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