Currum Downs Dental Patient

A Poem of Dental Tips

for you and your family

The team at Carrum Family Dental wish you and your family
are safe during these times of uncertainty.

There are lots of new rules like social distancing,
wear face mask in public – this one’s a bit tricky

If behind the mask you wear,
you get a whiff of something eeky,
here are some handy tips,
to keep your breath smelling minty!

Drink water often, and eating healthy,
Not letting kids go to bed with teeth so filthy!
Eat, brush your teeth, floss, and repeat
These are golden rules that can’t be beat!

Currum Downs Dental
Currum Downs Dental

And you must make sure to follow
this important rule:

Change your toothbrush every 3 months,
yes, this you must do! 😅

Our clinic is still open – practicing  every precautions necessary
As long as we can, we promise to safely practice dentistry.

We love what we do,
as much as we love our community,
So your safety have and always will be
our top priority.

We hope this little poem lightened up your day

Truly, we have all seen better days – but the same shouldn’t be the case for your teeth!
Follow these golden rules to keep you and your family smiling (with or without a face mask).

As always, if you need our help:
Call us on 9786 2144