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A Poem of Dental Tips

The team at Carrum Downs Dental wish you and your family are safe during these times of uncertainty. There are lots of new rules like social distancing, wear a face mask in public – this one’s a bit tricky

Teeth Repair

Crowns and Veneers Explained

Crowns and veneers are two types of restorations that improve the appearance and functionality of your teeth.
The main difference is that veneers only covers the front of the teeth, whereas a crown would cover the entire tooth.

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Baby Teeth DO Matter!

Maintaining your Childs Teeth: Brush 2x per day, floss as much as possible. Once in the morning and once before bed, to avoid cavities and avoid sugary drinks/food. The sugar mixed with plaque creates an acidic environment in the mouth that could take up to 30mins to be neutralised by the ions in our saliva, hence eating too much sugar can increase the chances of tooth decay.

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Do you experience consistent bad breath, sensitivity to hot and cold, and the big one -bleeding while brushing or flossing?
Then you may be experiencing symptoms of gum disease.


FAQs about Root Canal Treatment

To understand root canal treatment (RCT), it helps to understand the anatomy of the tooth.
Inside your tooth is a soft tissue called the pulp which contains blood vessels & nerves that are important for the tooth’s growth and development.


4 Reasons We Hate Gum Disease

Do you find you have a persistent case of bad breath even though you diligently brush your teeth? Or maybe your gums bleed whenever you brush or floss and this worries you…

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How I got my beauty sleep back

Probably not what you were expecting right? But when you go to sleep tonight and you hear your partner snoring loudly, waking up gasping for air or making choking sounds while they sleep, they probably suffer from sleep apnoea,

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With the end of school holidays fast approaching, it’s a good time to reflect on your child’s dental health. Children’s teeth are extremely important to their overall health, Primary teeth (baby teeth) are vital for chewing and speaking